Sunny day at Blenheim

Hey there lovelies! It’s been a crazy busy past few weeks and I now finally found the time to actually update my blog with some decent blog post.

Who else is excited for summer? Mr. Sun finally decided to show up in England, though the wind is still freezing it’s still better than no sunshine at all right? Lol..

I have recently visited Blenheim Palace and luckily we picked a day that was bright and sunny. This was my first visit to the palace and I actually enjoyed being able to explore the place (though we haven’t really explored the entire palace grounds because that place is massive!!!). We were able to explore some of the rooms inside the palace and learn more about how history was made within those walls along with the  ‘Fashion for Passion’ exhibition. Unfortunately, some of the areas we visited are the private rooms  where the Duke and Duchess of Marlborough reside, so photos are not allowed throughout the entire tour. Also, I was kinda disappointed about not having a decent photo of the actual facade of the palace itself due to renovation.

Here are some of the photos that I was able to collect throughout our visit.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


IMG_1800IMG_1809IMG_0695IMG_0679FullSizeRender 2IMG_3508IMG_9098


It was a struggle picking out the photos to post, so I apologise for never ending photos on this post. Tell me what ya’ll think? 😉



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