Skincare Obsessed!

Yep! I am one of those people who’s obsessed with skincare and I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect products that works for me. Now that I’ve found them, I thought I’d share it with you guys.

I have an oily/combination skin for starters but I do get really dry skin during winter season which I absolutely hate. For that first few weeks of my hunt for products, I’ve been trying to fight the oiliness of my skin but I realised that it’s not doing any good for me.

My skin care routine starts with this Vitamin E cream cleanser from The Body Shop, which I’ve just recently added to my routine. I find that it leaves a clean and soft feeling without it stripping down my skin.


At night, I use some toners after my cleanser. I combine The Body Shop’s Seaweed oil balancing toner with Boots Rosewater and Glycerin Toner just to balance out my skin. IMG_7118

After my toners, I use some Tea Tree Solution and Tea Tree oil from again The Body Shop. These products are my holy grail! Specially the Tea Tree oil, it made such a difference with the texture of my skin and keeps it clear as well. I use these during the day as well before my moisturiser.


I follow these solutions and serums with a Tea Tree lotion and an eye balm from Simple at night.


Nope, we’re not done yet. I let my skin absorb all those goodness for a minute or two then I follow that with Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate. I’ve been using this for a while now and it definitely makes my skin look and feel hydrated the next morning. This concentrate has an oil like consistency but it’s not heavy on the skin at all.


Last thing is my fave moisturiser from Clinique which is the moisturising gel. I use this after my Tea tree serums during the day and after my midnight recovery concentrate at night. IMG_3424

If I’m having a really bad skin day and I need extra moisture, I just spray my face with the Vitamin C face mist from The Body Shop (also use this to set my makeup).IMG_1747

I know my skin care routine is so extra and hella long but its something that works for me. So, if there’s anyone else out there that has the same long ass routine as I do, I’d love to know about it as well. cb738f8dd23ef5d86a425f1a794d6950

Let me know what ya’ll think! 🙂

Disclaimer: Photos of quotes are not from me.


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