LFW2018: The Ones Who Stood Out

Hey girlies! London Fashion Week has gone but I’m still in awe with the collections I’ve seen on the catwalk. 🙂

There are two particular designers that I think really stood out amongst the rest. These are the ones that I specifically remember just because I felt like the collections that they’ve put out on the runway spoke for itself.

First designer is Canada based, Chavez. Showcasing couture pieces that features the use of mirror like materials and intricate beadwork on delicate body hugging fabrics. His designs features classic and simple silhouettes with a very traditional yet futuristic vibe to it.


Next designer is Michael Lombard, now if you have a thing for jackets you’ll love this collection. I personally fell in love with his collection because I just love statement jackets. The collection showcases premium leather garments that are heavily studded and detailed. His designs features a wide range of style and each piece has it’s own unique twist. I also love how some garments are paired with tulle skirts to balance out the toughness of the studded leather jackets.





Fashion week may be over (for now) but there will always be next season! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for February’s fashion week. 🙂

Tell me what ya’ll think? 🙂

Special Thanks to the one and only Lady K, Savita Kaye for always inviting me to see the show. 🙂

(Head pieces for Michael Lombard collection designed and made by Erika Evans, photos provided by Anthony Melendrez Photography and Frank Macdonald Photography)

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  1. Traci Lawson says:

    Thank you so much for the article. I think you hit it out the park.

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